About us

We are a spanish company that develops renewable energy projects all around the world.

The world fully embarked on the adventure of renewables not so long ago. New opportunities arise every day to grow and meet the consumption needs through clean energy sources. For this reason, the development of renewable energy projects must seek their viability in profitable spaces that allow the demand to be met, while generating benefits.

Transparency and trust in the management of renewable energy projects:

Progressum was established In October 2012, a time when the company was not yet aware of the revolution that renewable energies would generate years later. Since its inception, the company was based on values ​​of excellence and professionalism with the aim of being a ‘Tailor Made’ company for those who wanted to develop and invest in renewable energy projects. All this led to a team that today is responsible for managing all processes to ensure its viability, from the processing of the required documentation to the operation and maintenance of the plant.

Based in Madrid, we currently have active projects in Mexico, Spain and Italy, although we are constantly analyzing and searching for new areas that can report benefits to all clients who trust us, thus expanding the renewable energy market continuously.