In Progressum, we make sure that all the internal proccesses that can affect at any point to the company strategy, are aligned with the standards of moral, and based on values of Honesty, Fairness and Transparency. And this is what we are committed with and we demand to our partners and colaborators in the market.

We are firmly committed with all our workers. We know that they are one of the most important parts of the company and we work for their well being, doing our best to give them good working conditions.

We are members of some associations such as: APPA, UNEF, CLANER, AEIA or Italia Solare. In order to participate and be well informed of anything that happens in our sector, so we can give our clients always
the best service.

Progressum is committed with the environment.

We beleive in a sustainable world, provided with clean energy from non-polluting sources. We make all the environmental studies before the developing of any project, in order to decide if it is suitable. Also, once the Project development has started, we implement all the measures needed to mitigate the impact and improve the ecosystem of that area.
Internally, we use recycled paper for our corporative elements and use water, light and the rest of resources in a responsible way.

About our committment with society, we defend equality, respect and integration as fundamental values, and we are conscicious of the importance of pushing initiatives that includes persons with special capacities. This is why some of our suppliers are companies like Fundación ALAPAR or Juan Energy.