Development of renewable energy projects

Progressum is constantly looking for potential locations that allow us to carry out projects of any type of renewable energy. Thus, beyond photovoltaics, we also develop projects of wind, solar thermal, biomass and, in short, any option that is viable for the client who requests it.

Although we have a team in charge of analyzing and identifying new opportunities, we also carry out a study of a specific area at the request of the client. In this way, we are able to determine if the type of energy and the geographical area in which the client is interested in can be viable or not and generate profitability.

Technical studies

The beginning of any project takes place in the technical studies phase. This involves tasks such as the search for a viable location, valuation of a suitable land in the orographic and environmental sense, understanding of the electricity market in the area, grid connection capacity, among others.

From this first phase, we obtain a pre-feasibility study, which helps us to continue advancing in the steps that will bring us closer to the viability of the project, thus taking a further step towards achieving the 'Ready to build' phase.


Our technical advisory work aims to facilitate the further development of any renewable energy project entrusted to us, thus preventing possible obstacles to its achievement. In this way, we favor the correct functioning of the following stages of execution.

One of the most important factors to consider in the technical study is the adequate selection of the site for the project, since the good results to come depend on it. To achieve this, it must be taken into account that the site gives the project a technical, administrative, economic and environmental feasibility sufficiently in line with the goals to be achieved.

In virtue of this, our team will be in charge of carrying out the preliminary studies of the solar resources and the evaluation of the energy production, as well as the study of the evacuation and connection alternatives of the project.

We are responsible for the topographical and geotechnical studies, in addition to everything related to the engineering of evacuation infrastructures (substations and power lines).

Issuing reliable forecasts is more feasible with all these parameters. All of this work and effort based on conceptual engineering translates into renewable energy projects with a guarantee and technical quality.

Administrative studies

This second phase will be the result of a feasibility study. When we are clear that the project is possible, physically speaking, we must determine if the administrative part of the geographical location of interest will not be an impediment in implementing the project.

In order to guarantee the administrative viability of the projects, it is necessary to carry out a study and prior evaluation of the permits required by the Administrations involved. This implies the need to obtain permits, licenses and authorizations to comply with all legal requirements.


Our experts will take care of everything, such as connection points, generation license, environmental and social license or municipal permits. We have experience and good results with these bureaucratic tasks.

On the other hand, our administrative tasks also assume the management, supervision and evaluation of the EPC and O&M contracts, as well as the supply agreements of the main equipment.

Financial studies

At this stage, the total cost of the development and construction of the project is assessed. Our team will present a price based on the different variables that can intervene, such as the price of energy in the country, administration costs, among others.

Progressum always wants to give those who trust in us the best and most complete advice. In order to achieve this goal, we carefully prepare a global feasibility study of the capex that includes both economic and financial factors that influence the development of the project entrusted to us. That is to say, the analysis of the total cost of the installation.


Based on all this information, it is the client who, after making its own estimates, determines whether it can be profitable, making the final decision to continue with the development of the project.

Within this phase, we also provide the client with advice on the planning and valuation of power purchase agreements (PPAs), as well as interconnection agreements. In short, it is a project completely tailored to the needs of those who request it.

Legal advice

At all times the client will be accompanied by our team for any aspect, including the legal advice needed. In this way, another important phase in the development of a project is the one that has to do with legal issues.

Likewise, we always take into account the type of laws that protect us for these types of renewable energy projects. We also study all the details to determine that there is legal protection to ensure that the project can come to an end (for example, that the country of interest is not in conflict, that the electricity market is not unstable ...).


A deep knowledge of the legal framework and local policies of the location where the renewable energy project is going to settle is of utmost importance. This requires highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sector, as is the case of Progressum.

Our human team has promoted projects throughout national and international geographical sites, making it highly reliable in achieving favorable results for customers.

In addition to the normative scope, we support the client in the constitution of the specific company required by each project (SPV). Furthermore, we accompany and lead the negotiation with the owners of the desired lands, as well as the closing of the contracts and the execution of the preliminary Due Diligence.

for the EPC and O&M Phase

At Progressum we are 100% committed to each client, so our turnkey services do not end with the delivery of the project. To ensure that the project is executed in full, we are present until the plant is billing and operational in every way.

Once the project is in the 'Ready to Build' phase, we have partners whose services will allow the construction of the renewable energy plant in EPC mode, as well as its subsequent operation and maintenance. Construction and management capacity is complete, thus conveying to our clients the peace of mind of a job well done.

To trust Progressum is to trust in obtaining a renewable energy project that is viable, operational and fully operational. "We take care of everything so that you only have to worry about making a profit".