At Progressum we have a clear understanding that the company is nothing without the human team on which it relies on. The leadership and multidisciplinary skills of our team allow them to face any challenge regarding the management of renewable energy projects.

On the other hand, we firmly believe that no one understands the workings of a project in a given geographical area better than local experts specialized in these areas. Therefore, we have a network of collaborators in each geographical area in which we move, with extensive knowledge of legislation, procedures, and so on. This, under our management and leadership, allows us to speed up deadlines and present our clients with 100% viable projects in reasonable times.

Marco Antonio Macías Rodríguez


Francisco Ferragut Ferretjans

Engineering Manager

Sandra De Tomás Rodríguez

International Business Development

Manuel Granja Pacheco

Operations Manager

Lola Calderón Barat

Environmental and Sustainability

Pablo Arango Menendez

Finance & Accounting

Adrián Ruiz Ruiz

Land Manager & PV Designer

Rafael Pérez-Olleros Cardona

Development Engineer

Aaron Pérez Vicente

Development Engineer

Marcos Rodríguez de Arriba

Grid Manager

Eduardo González de Suso Poncela

Development Engineer

Javier Fernández González

Development Engineer

Pedro Cabrera Utrera

Planning & Control

Luis Jerez Bernal

Legal Department